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Wills & Probate

It is very important that your assets such as your house and savings are distributed after your death according to your wishes.  Making a valid Will is the only way your loved ones and friends will receive exactly what you intend to leave them.

Our experienced Wills and Probate team will draft and help you plan what to include in your Will and advise on basic Inheritance Tax implications. Our team can also assist with the creation of Trusts, drafting and advising on Lasting Powers of Attorney, deed polls and general advice in connection with estate planning. 

Following a death we deal sensitively and effectively with the administration of the deceased’s estate whether under the provision of their Will or under the rules of intestacy, where there is no will.

The firm has considerable experience of contentious probate matters. In the event of a dispute regarding a Will or an Estate, we try to ensure that the dispute is dealt with as quickly and effectively as possible.